This client is in the roof cleaning business based in London, but offering services in over 20 locations across the UK. Before we took over their account, they were self-managing the campaigns and were getting leads at £70 on average.


Over two years this client has self-managed the campaigns, spending a considerable amount of resources for very little return. Thus, our main goal was to increase the conversions (leads), client’s ROAS and decrease the cost per lead.


Since this client is in the lead generation business, our main focus was on creating and perfecting search ads starting with the ad copy. The client was offering a discount on the first roof cleaning which we made sure to feature in the ads using the clients brand voice.

The competition in this industry in the UK is fierce, with some keywords reaching even £9 per click. This is why it was of utmost importance to identify the best performing keywords and create an extensive list of negative keywords.

With the help of Google Analytics, we identified low volume keywords with big potential, high conversion rate and the low average cost per click and pushed them into our newly created campaigns and ads.

A large proportion of the website leads were phone calls which is why we set up ads targeting phone numbers used directly in the ads. These ads were more than successful, generating a conversion rate of 9.2%.


After two months of working with this client, we managed to increase the conversions by 430%. Thanks to detailed keyword research and optimisations, the average cost per click decreased by 60% and the cost per lead dropped from £70 to £32.

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