I worked with a client who provided roof cleaning services in London and more than twenty other locations across the UK. Before I took over their account, they had been running their own campaigns and had been getting leads at an average of £70 each.


The client had been investing a lot of resources into running campaigns with very little return. My main goal was therefore to increase conversions, ROAS, and decrease the cost per lead.


The business was focused on lead generation and I focussed on creating and improving the search ads, starting with the ad copy. I highlighted that the client was offering a discount on their first roof clean and used their brand voice in the ads.

The competition in this industry within the UK is fierce and there were some keywords reaching £9 per click. It was therefore important to identify the best performing keywords and create a comprehensive list of negative keywords. Using Google Analytics, I identified low-volume keywords with a high potential, high conversion rate and low average cost per click.

I then pushed these keywords into the newly created campaigns and ads. As a large proportion of the website leads came from phone calls, I set up ads targeting phone numbers that were used directly in the ads. These ads proved to be highly successful, with a conversion rate of 9.2%.


After two months, I was able to increase conversions by 430%. Through detailed keyword research and optimisations, the average cost per click was reduced by 60% and the cost per lead went down from £70 to £32.

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